How to Make your Content More Visible

Do you want to promote your website content? Then it is the right time for you to launch your new content. But there is no need for you to worry about the new content because you can still use your existing content. All you have to do is identify your content assets and learn which one is really valuable.

After knowing which content has potential, you can eventually proceed to main work. You can use some sites that will help you present all of your pages in your social account if you find it hard to point out the best content. Then you can evaluate your assets that you found and conduct some research about different opportunities such as broken link opportunities, keyword and link for rich veins of opportunities. In this way, you will find the content that fits in your opportunity in which there is no need for you to create new piece of content.

Things you can do for your existing content

For you to create new content that can be launched, your existing content can be used as a basis to create something new that will match in the opportunity that you are looking for in your target, something that is worthy enough for your promotion.

You can also consolidate your blog post to ensure that it will become substantial. However, if you want to improve your existing content, you can enhance it by means of updating the best practice that currently exists in the industry. Or you can simply improve it by means of formatting your target keyword to ensure it will attract lots of customer in the market place and at the same time makes you rank higher in the search results.

Ways to promote your existing content

There are lots of ways you can apply in your existing content. You can start it by reaching out to lots of people that share similar content. A good place to start your promotions is having proactive outreach and search for various keywords that are related to your content. Afterwards, identify the website that uses same keyword. This will allow you to see who links through this keyword and contact them to perform actual outreach.

You can also look for some broken link of opportunities. Building a broken link will ensure you that you will have powerful pages that you can use to the people you want to link with, tailor your contents to fit for the opportunity and reach out for link that suggest update and link it in your website page.

Additionally, you can consider some paid promotion for you to ensure you will get good return. This is also great way for you to advertise your content and at the same time reach your potential audience.

Lastly, connect your existing content to wider story to help you generate coverage for your content. Good story for your content will surely catch attention of people and can be uses as your social proof to become proactive outreach.

How to Get Local Store Locator for SEO

Most of the customers today like to find local business in their area and get the right details and instructions they will need. Due to this, plenty of small business also finds better ways on how their customer will discover their store locations.

One of the best ways that small businesses opt today is the use of store locators. Many business owners nowadays use this tool to help their customer easily locate them and find their site in just one click. It is considered as the best solution for most of the business owner to guide their customer to right resource.

Things you need to look in store locator widget

If you decided to have your store locator for your business, you need to find the one that will help you link directly in your landing page. This will serve as a good sign for you and will not limit your opportunities. It should also allow you to search by city including its zip code to ensure that your customer will clearly know where your store is located.

Furthermore, you need to find the one that will work properly with all devices and will have the ability to work perfectly with your existing website in which there is no need for you to create another website. It should also have automatic geolocation detection that will help you detect where your customers come from.

In addition, it will provide you some extra features that will deliver great experience to you and to your customers. It may include the search text auto-completion that will sync database to the upload data location and allow your user in refining for the result that is base from their personal criteria.

Benefits of store locator for your business

Through the use of store locator, your business will very beneficial out from it. Your business will maximize its potential to engage your customer in your website that will result to high end earnings. Thus, the landing page for your store will become more persuasive and useful. Store locator can provide you education regarding store apps, call to action, interactive map, video content of your store, image of your store, schedule of store events, apps for live chats, link for social media, review links of your profile, proofs for your local involvement in the community, welcome message and driving directions.

How to use store locator

You need to ensure that you will link it on listing of Google My Business in every location going to its respective landing page of your website. You can also use some citation that will link it in your landing page rather in your homepage and submit XML sitemap in your website to link it in all of your landing pages.

Moreover, you also need to include in your website page the alphabetical directory with the crawlable links or you can internally link it in your landing pages from your website page or blogs. With this store locator, you will have established component to have impressive customer service.